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Rak Kafe

NOTE: This cafe has closed, its building has had a redo, and it is now a charming outdoor cafe called Artisan Coffee. Review to come.

A small cafe with a European flair, Rak Kafe is located right off Nimmanhaemin Rd, on Soi 5. The decor is “shabby chic”, and it works nicely. There are tall windows on two full sides, so there is a lot of natural light. It was a morning work session for us, and we were the only ones there. That’s pretty typical for CM cafes.

Craig ordered a “panned egg”, which was a small omelette with vegetables and sausage. Half of it was covered by what appeared to be meat or fish that was freeze dried and shredded to almost a powder. Tastewise, we couldn’t tell if it was fish or meat. I asked the barista about it, and she showed me the bag – “flossy” pork. I wouldn’t want a lot of it, but it was fun to taste something new!

As for seating, there are three 3-tops, four 4-tops (but these are really low and not so condusive to working. Outside bar with 6 bar stools. Likely too high to use as a standing desk, but nice for sitting, and people watching.

Overall vibe – Rustic chic
Free wifi – Yes
Outlets – Outlets near two tables
Digital nomad % – We were the only ones in place, so 100%
Type of coffee used – Doi Chang
Food served – Breakfasts, and bar food, fresh fruit smoothies
Alcohol – Beer and cocktails
Hours – 8:00 to 4:00 pm daily
Connected to a hostel? – There seems to be a guesthouse above the cafe, but it wasn’t connected.
Music – Pop. Pretty bad, but at least it wasn’t smooth jazz.