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Art Roastery

NOTE: Boo!! This cafe closed soon after I wrote this review. They have another location near CMU, but we have yet to check it out.

This is a LOVELY cafe – Contemporary, high ceilings, a nice mix of metal and gorgeous wood. A beautiful outdoor garden area, covered but still open for air flow. There are several 2-tops outside. Inside there are four 2-tops (nice large tables), and two 4-tops. Also a bar with four chairs, but the chairs to my eyes looked too low to fit the bar.

Their food offerings are interesting! In their words, “Our pasta is flavoured with coffee. We use fresh expresso to add an aroma of coffee to your meal.” And also they have matcha pasta: “Matcha pasta is kneeded with fresh green tea leaves, giving this pasta a unique green tea taste.”

After working for a while, we ordered an organic salad, which was delicious, and spicy Thai pasta with sausage. I didn’t taste or smell the expresso in the pasta, but it’s probably because there was a lot of roasted garlic in the dish. It came with two pieces of garlic bread and was super tasty all around.

For some reason there were a LOT of mosquitos at this cafe. We were fully covered with repellent, and they didn’t bother us. It’s doubtful that the cafe is more of a haven for mosquitoes than other cafes, but there is a lot of greenery outside and may be some standing water, so I thought I’d mention it. We moved indoors and there were still some, but fewer of them.

Overall vibe – Contemporary, swanky

Free wifi – Yes

Outlets – Outlets near most of the indoor tables. No outlets outside (that I saw, anyway).

Digital nomad % – At 10:15am, four of the tables were filled, half with Thai, half with farang. One couple (and us) was working and the others were conversing. A nice mix.

Type of coffee used – The Uncommon Bean, from the owner’s roastery. Delish.

Decaf? No

Alternative milk options РSoy milk, organic vanilla soy milk, and almond milk

Beverage ordered and rating – Capucchino 9 out of 10, Flat white 8 out of 10

Restroom – Yes

Food served – American breakfasts, Thai meals, and pasta (see description above)

Alcohol – None served

Hours – 9:00 to 5:30pm daily

Connected to a hostel? – No

Music – Tracy Chapman and the like. Enjoyable mix.