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Dolcetto Cafe

Dolcetto is a tiny cafe on the corner of Nimman and Nimman Soi 7. It’s diminutive, but super appealing, with a nice blend of metal, wood, and chalkboards. It’s a quiet spot.¬†Although we’ve worked here a time or two, it’s an even better spot to read a book or have a good conversation, in the midst of the hustle & bustle of Nimman.

The roasts here are from Ristr8to, which is arguably the best coffee shop in town. And Dolcetto knows how to work the beans. The flat whites and cappuccinos here are fantastic.

There were two 4-tops and two 2-tops inside, and five 4-tops outside. Because of construction, we chose to be inside, but the outside area was appealing as well.

Overall vibe – Hip but inviting

Free wifi – Yes

Outlets – There were outlets near the two inside 4-tops, but that was all.

Digital nomad % – There were three of us there, all working on something or other.

Type of coffee used – They use Ristr8to coffee. Tasty.

Decaf – Yes!

Milk options – Slim milk & soy milk available

Restroom – No

Food served – Three types of “hot sandwiches” (ham & cheese, butter & jam, and peanut butter), waffles served with chocolate sauce, caramel or jam, and homemade cakes

Alcohol – They serve an “iced dolcetto rum”, and say that “cocktail lovers must try it!”. Rum flavored or actual rum?

Hours – 8:00am to 9:00pm daily

Connected to a hostel? – No

Music – Bruno Mars, Machine Gun Kelly/Camila Cabello, Ed Sheeran, etc