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Shewitkhontammada Coffee

This cafe had to work hard to win me over, because honestly, I was having a CRANKY morning. There were a few things about the cafe itself that didn’t help – they were cleaning the floors when we got there with a heavily perfumed product that lingered big time. The music was sweeping, super emotional Thai pop, which felt a bit ridiculous to my tender morning sensibilities.

The baristas were friendly, though, and the mochas were tasty. There is a beautiful garden area in the front and on the inside, two large floors with seating. The bottom floor has gorgeous wood floors and furniture, and plenty of armchairs and tables, perfect for reading or conversing. The second floor is more condusive to working, although I didn’t see any outlets. If you sit on that level in front of the windows, it’s like you’re sitting amongst the trees – lovely. The rest of the room reminded me of a big furniture store, with imposing furniture and lots and LOTS of tchotchkes and decor. All very tasteful, except for the giant stuffed animals display, which was a little bizarre.

Overall, Shewitkhontammada (say that 3x fast) Coffee House is a HUGE cafe on a quiet soi off of Sirimangklajarn. The location is great, there is plenty of room to work and relax, and the coffee is tasty. Its style will really appeal to some people, while others may find it a bit overblown. I still have a floral cleaning product in my nostrils, but otherwise my crankiness has dissipated. I’m settling in happily for a good work sesh.

Overall vibe – Quality furniture store feel

Free wifi – Yes

Outlets – No

Digital nomad % –  +/- 70%

Restroom – Yes, and they were so lovely I almost took a photo of them

Food served – Full Thai menu. The food smelled great going by. They also have the Korean dessert bing soo, which I’m pretty excited about.

Hours – 9am to 9pm

Music – Thai pop, and also lots of Ed Sheeran