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Chiang Mai Coffee

Artsy and antique-y in old town, Chiang Mai Coffee was a nice change of pace. We’d been to a spate of CM cafes that had a contemporary vibe, and they were great, but when we stepped inside this cafe, its coziness was just what we were craving.

Chiang Mai Coffee is outside the moat on the east side of the old city, about a 6 minutes walk from Tha Phae Gate. There is a hodge podge to the cafe, but it all works. Old signs and record albums, antique furniture and cool old ephemera fills the place. The music was awesome – 1950’s American music, but not stuff we’d heard. It was like the B-sides of 1950’s albums, familar sounding but not individually recognizable.

There were nine 2-tops inside, plus two 4-tops, and a couple of cushy armchairs. There were a few tables outside as well, but late afternoon direct sunlight made indoors a much better option at that time of day.

Their super cute menus display menu items such as “whole wheat toast with 3 dips (which were Thai tea, Green tea, and Pink milk)”. Fascinating. And they serve Ovaltine! Ovaltine!!

Our iced mochas were tasty and came with a little tray of Ritz crackers.

Great air-con, and open until 7pm. A great spot to duck into on a hot day, or during a heavy downpour.

Overall vibe – Cozy antique store

Free wifi – Yes

Outlets – There were outlets near most of the tables.

Digital nomad % – There were four of us in the cafe, and all of us were on a laptop or tablet

Type of coffee used – “Coffee Bean by Chiang Mai Coffee, 100% Arabica”

Restroom – Yes

Food served – Several Thai dishes, plus chicken sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, and the whole wheat toast options mentioned above.

Alcohol – Wine coolers (!)

Hours – 10:30am to 7:00pm daily

Connected to a hostel? – No

Music – 1950’s American