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WAKO Bake is a lovely cafe off of Huay Kaew road, near Chiang Mai University. It’s a 15 min walk from Maya Mall, located unassumedly on a residential street. There is a lovely Zen garden in the center of the space, complete with koi pond. Outdoor seating looks inviting – study groups filled the tables when we were there.

Flanking the garden are two large indoor spaces. On one side is a room with two 4-tops, three 2-tops, a large co-working table for about 8, and a bar with 6 barstools, at a good level for a standing desk. On the other side of the garden, there are two large meeting rooms, which are for rent. They would be excellent for meetings or get-togethers.

Aesthetically, the space is a nice mix of concrete, wood, and metal. Great air con and the indoor spaces have great views of the little Zen garden. The coffee is tasty, and the atmosphere is very condusive to studying or working.

Overall vibe – Japanese Zen

Free wifi – Yes

Outlets – Outlets near all tables

Digital nomad % –  90% students, 10% nomads

Food served – Cubic Choux cream, mini choux, and “specialty food”, including cheese fried fish, and chicken cheese katsu

Hours – 9am to 12 midnight

Connected to a hostel? – No

Music – American standards, strongly featuring the vocals of Rod Stewart