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Yuk Coffee/Charin Pie

Yuk Coffee is misnamed. The coffee is delicious. And they have pie, guys!! Yuk Coffee is connected to Charin Pie Bakery, a cute little spot on Nimman Soi 17.

Yuk Coffee is very well suited for working with their available tables and general vibe, but their internet was sadly spotty, and there were no outlets. If you can last a nice long while on battery and can tether, though, the cafe is an awesome work spot.

There are 3 sections to the cafe – The first is little Charin Bakery, where you order your coffee and any treats. No space for sitting there, but a few steps away is their cafe area, located in a cool old 2-level house. In this area are two 5-tops, two 4-tops, two 2-tops, and a couch/sitting area with room for 5 or 6 people. I’m already enthusiastic to tuck in here during monsoon season. Working here while hearing the rain on the roof will be swell.

The beautiful outdoor area has more tables still and is fully shaded by beautiful large trees.

Overall vibe – Charming hidden spot

Free wifi – Yes, but it was damned slow. We tethered instead and were fine.

Outlets – Nope.

Digital nomad % – No nomads, ‘cept for me.

Type of coffee used – Yuk coffee – Local Bean from Chiang Mai, 100% Arabica. Delicious.

Restroom – Yes

Food served – Pie, brownies

Alcohol – No

Hours – 9am to 9pm daily

Connected to a hostel? – No

Music – All over the place. Norah Jones one minute, sappy pop the next, and a fair amount of bossanova music