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Ombra Caffee

This cafe is just awesome. Easily accessible, but hidden away at the end of Ratchapuek Alley off of Huay Kaew Rd.

It’s a very large cafe, with several rooms of different character. Because the rooms are separated by glass walls or large windows, there are spots to tuck away in, but everything still feels very connected. The design and decor of this place are spot on. Brick walls, vintage musical and sound equipment, metal, glass & wood married together beautifully.

As for seating, there is a large 8-person communal table in the middle of the place. seven 2-tops, four 4-tops, and a 6-top, plus a couch or two.

There are tons of cafes in Chiang Mai. I’m a cafe girl and love variety, but if this were the only cafe in Chiang Mai, I think I’d still be happy.

Overall vibe – A completely appealing hidden gem

Free wifi – Yes

Outlets – Near many of the tables.

Digital nomad % – 50% digital nomads, 50% hostel guests

Restroom – Yes

Food served – Full excellent-looking menu, breakfast, lunch & dinner, plus pastries.

Alcohol – Liquor, beer, and wine

Hours – 8:00am to 10:00pm daily

Connected to a hostel? – Yes. ‘Pyur O’tel is upstairs

Music – When we came in, they were playing Johnny Cash. YES. Johnny for the win. They then switched to some of the sappiest pop music I’ve ever heard.