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Boonraksa Cafe

Have an appointment at RAM hospital for a checkup or immunizations? If you’re like us, you’ll be wanting coffee afterwards. You can go to the giant Starbucks that is right in the hospital complex (it’s very swanky and great to work in, actually), OR you can step next door to Boonraksa Cafe.

Boonraksa Cafe is unassuming – in fact, the cafe sign is in Thai only, so if you don’t read the language you’ve got to keep your eyes out for it. It’s on the grounds of Wat Pan Sao, a small and peaceful temple with a rich history. Through the cafe windows, you can witness the craziness of Bunruaeng road on one side, and the quiet of the temple grounds on the other.

Be sure to check out the upstairs area (but do so carefully – the stairs are a bit treacherous). It’s an amazing open area level, with wonderful breezes. There are several small tables available, with floor level seating (cushions are provided). What a peaceful spot!

The coffee is tasty and much cheaper than many other cafes. Inside the lower lever, there were five 2-tops in the place, two 4-tops, and a bar with 5 barstools.

Boonraksa caters to a Thai crowd. We were the only farangs and only digital expats in the place. We were able to get a little work done, but only by tethering to our phones. They do not offer free wifi at Boonraksa. I’d gotten so used to free wifi (even in all massage places) that this came as a bit of a surprise.

It’s not a great digital nomad spot, but is the perfect place to spend some time with a book or in conversation, which we’ve since done on a few occasions.

They had a sweetness rating, which is much appreciated. We had “lower sugar” iced mochas, and they were still plenty sweet.

Overall vibe – Peaceful hideout amongst the chaos
Free wifi – No
Outlets – There was an outlet near one table
Digital nomad % – Just us. All Thai clientel.┬áNo other nomads, expats, or tourists.
Restroom – No. There are public restrooms in the adjoining wat complex.
Food served – Pastries
Alcohol – None.
Hours – 8:30 to 6:00 pm daily
Connected to a hostel? – Nope, but to a temple complex.
Music – Thai radio. Western and Thai pop.