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8 Days a Week

8 Days a Week is currently my husband’s favorite cafe, and I completely get it. It’s tucked away in a neighborhood just west of Nimman and just south of Huay Kaew. With its concrete walls and tile flooring, 8 Days a Week manages to stay pretty cool even without using air conditioning (but they don’t hesitate to get the air-con going when needed).

There is an indoor space, a covered outdoor space, and a small outdoor garden space. There are a couple of large trees in the garden, and with drapy rows of lights and lanterns, it’s particularly beautiful in the evenings. It’s a little peaceful oasis.

The cafe’s aesthetic is concrete and wood, with artistic details, vintage furniture, and architectual lighting. It blends surprisingly well with the trees and other greenery from the garden, which is viewable from the indoor area. On a nice day with all the full length windows open, there can be a nice cross breeze and it’s really quite lovely.

There are always 1 or 2 people smoking in the covered outdoor section. Since I’m not a smoker, this keeps me from enjoying that area, but there are still a number of viable indoor tables.

This place works well for working/studying, and certainly for conversation or reading. If you’re working, though, you may not find the chairs comfortable for long periods. We didn’t have a problem, but if you require good back support etc, it may not be the best choice for you.

Inside there are three 4-tops, three 2-tops, and a tall bar with 3 barstools. In the covered outdoor section, there are there are a 4-top, a 3-top, and two 2-tops, and in the garden there are four 4-tops and a couple of 2-tops.

Overall vibe – Artsy urban forest

Outlets – There are outlets near around 1/2 of the indoor tables and none of the outdoor tables

Digital nomad % – About half and half between people studying/working, and those just hanging out and talking

Noise Level – Very quiet

About the coffee – Not sure, but it was tasty. I would assume the beans are from Northern Thailand.

Restroom – Yes, with resident mosquitos

Food served – A couple kinds of pre-packaged sandwhiches, and several kinds of cake slices.

Alcohol – No

Hours – 8am to 8pm daily

Connected to a hostel? – No

Music – Jazzy beat-based acoustic