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Goat Coffee

I really like Goat Coffee. It’s a part of a larger compound that includes Rush Bar. We’ve only been there during the day, when it’s super quiet, but I expect it’s hopping at night. The space is large and appealing with a shabby-chic vibe.

The coffee is tasty, and we’ve enjoyed the lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas we’ve had here. Call me crazy, but I like it when you order a coffee and it comes on a little tray accompanied by a glass of water, some crackers or cookies, and a little cup of hot tea. It’s value-added, is what it is, and it’s always a nice surprise.

Now that winter is around the corner and digital nomads are pouring into Chiang Mai, Goat Coffee is getting busier, but it’s still unknown for the most part and for now anyway, a hidden gem. Come visit during the daytime, before it’s fully discovered!

There are eleven 4-tops, one 2-top and a couch, plus a bar top with 4 barstools. There is another bar top outside with 4 barstools, and one 4-top. There are many other tables to the side and in back of the cafe, but those seem dedicated to the bar, not the cafe.

Overall vibe – Large & appealing, shabby-chic

Free wifi – Yes

Outlets – Plentiful. Near every table

Digital nomad % – We are often the only ones there. When others are present, they are typically DNs.

Restroom – Yep. Outside; it’s also the restroom for the club.

Food served – Smoothies and cake.

Alcohol – At night it’s a bar. Not sure whether you can order it during the day.

Hours – The hours aren’t posted, and they seem to vary.

Connected to a hostel? – No

Music – Pop