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The Larder Cafe

First, to be clear – This is more of a food cafe than a coffee cafe, but still deserves a mention. For one thing, Larder Cafe cafe makes the best avocado toast I’ve ever had. I crave it and its balsamic drizzle. In fact, we love everything we’ve eaten on Larder’s small but thoughtful food menu.

Their coffee beverages are spot on as well. They use beans from a Thai coffee farm and make an excellent cappucchino. Since we don’t normally order coffee beverages with meals, I’ve only tried a cappucchino, but it was damn tasty and represented well.

This may be a decent place to work on a laptop when they first open, but Larder Cafe is normally very busy with people eating full meals. It’s not a great cafe for working, unless you’re having a casual business lunch or a brainstorming meeting over avocado toast (have I mentioned that it’s delicious?), in which case it’s perfect.

There are four 2-tops and one 4-top inside the cafe, plus a long bar with seating for 6. Outside, there are seven 2-tops.

Overall vibe – Squint and you’re in Europe

Outlets – None

Noise Level – Moderate to loud

About the coffee – Beans by Toong’s Coffee Roaster. 100% Thai coffee.

Milk options – They have soy and skim milk

Restroom – Yes

Food served – Super Delicious meals are served for breakfast and lunch.

Alcohol – No

Hours – Opens daily at 8:30am. Kitchen closes at 2pm. Cafe closes at 3pm

Connected to a hostel? – No

Music – Current pop