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I’d passed by this cafe on a few occasions, but it always looked too bright to be a respite from the sun and heat outside. Well, I’m now a complete convert.

The Baristro’s decor is white on white, which I interpreted as too bright from outside. You get hit with a welcome coolness from the air conditioners as you enter, though, and then start to notice the subtler aspects – blonde wood floors, interesting lamps, and an unexpected feeling of comfort.

If the percentage of customers taking photos of the place is a vote for it, then The Baristro may win “best cafe overall”. Full on amateur photo shoots are going on CONSTANTLY. If there is a Guinness Book record for most artsy selfies taken at an establishment, this place would win in a heartbeat.

When you can’t beat ’em, join ’em – you’ll find my photos below.

Happily, it’s not all about aesthetics. The Baristro seems to genuinely care about their coffee, and it’s delicious. They have many interesting and tasty concoctions, Instagrammable in their own right.¬†We’ve tried a number of them, as shown in the gallery (and no, the ones in barware are not cocktails!).

It’s also a great cafe for working, with plenty of tables and outlets – in front of the counter are four 2-tops on one side, and on the other is a couch that runs the length of the wall with four more 2 tops. Behind the counter are two excellent “working tables”, one for 6 people, an a tall table with 6 barstools. Upstairs are three 4-tops, two 2-tops, and a desk for one.

There are a couple of tables with umbrellas outside, but there is a lot of glare off of the building and white umbrellas, and lots of construction noise. If you stick inside, though, this cafe is a winner!

Overall vibe – White on white, classy and welcoming

Free wifi – Yes

Outlets – Plenty

Digital nomad % – 60% nomads, 40% tourists

Type of coffee used – Single origin Arabica 100%, Jomthong Chiang Mai Thailand

Food served – Croissants and scones, cakes and pastries

Alcohol – No

Hours – Currently 8:00am to 9:30pm daily, but hours may change with the seasons

Connected to a hostel? – Yes, the Barisotel is above

Music – Pop music