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Tiger Ted Cafe

Tiger Ted is a delightful surprise of a cafe. A one minute walk from Maya Mall on Huaykaew Rd, Tiger Ted is built up of storage containers and wraps around a giant tree. Sitting on the 2nd level feels like you’re in a treehouse. A treehouse with good coffee… What’s not to like?

There is a small indoor (air conditioned) area downstairs, and another upstairs. There are also outdoor bar tables with stools, plus several tables, in the outdoor section on the second level.

The inside bottom level is mostly for ordering, although you could sit and chat or read a book. There are some outside tables on the street level which are pretty nice. The second level is conducive to working, although outlets are few.

The downside to Tiger Ted is that it’s on Huaykaew and positioned where a line of vehicles sit idling waiting for the light to change (especially during rush hour). If you’re sitting outside at Tiger Ted, be prepared to breathe in a lot of exhaust.

We work around this by going during times where traffic isn’t as busy. Give it a try, and enjoy drinking coffee up in the tree!


Overall vibe – A treehouse cafe tucked away in plain sight

Outlets – Very few

Noise Level – Quiet inside, moderate outside

About the coffee – A blend of Thai beans and beans from other countries, was as specific an answer as I could get. Regardless, all drinks we’ve had at Tiger Ted have been delicious.

Food served – Some Thai dishes, plus salad, sandwich, and “pop chicken”. Also honey toast and ice cream from local “I Love Ice Cream”

Alcohol – None that I could find

Hours – 7:30am to 7:00pm “usually”, the barista said. Closed on Sundays.

Connected to a hostel? – No

Music – Retro American 1970’s music. Think Gordon Lightfoot and the Eagles.